Edmund Normand has handled numerous large personal injury cases in the course of his 24+ years of civil trial practice in Florida.  He has fought for consumers in personal injury cases that include medical malpractice, auto and motorcycle crashes, large tractor trailer collisions, many theme park cases involving dangerous rides, medical product and auto and consumer product liability.  His practice is centered in Orlando and he has won personal injury cases all over Florida.

Some of Ed Normand’s notable results include winning as the principal attorney in the following cases*:

  • 17.25 Million Dollar Settlement for brain injured child from defective automobile
  • 4.3 Million Dollar Settlement for wrongful death of elderly woman at assisted living facility
  • 3.6 Million Dollar Verdict in Medical Malpractice case for x-ray report overlooked that missed cancer;
  • 1.88 Million Dollar Settlement botched Lasik surgery with recoveries against the medical device manufacturer and physician;
  • $600,000  Settlement Lasik surgery error where Laser over applied with cornea damage;
  • 1 Million Dollar policy limits Settlement for paralysis of woman neglected by her home health care nurse and family physician;
  • $900,000 settlement for death of elderly pastor who choked to death at nursing home;
  • 1 Million Dollar settlement for death of mother in car crash;
  • Confidential Million dollar plus settlement for rear end auto accident;
  • Multiple confidential settlements for dangerous ride at major theme park in Orlando including fractures, scars and surgical injuries from unsafe ride.  Ride design changes resulted after the litigation;
  • 1 Million Dollar settlement for English tourist hurt in fall in parking lot while exiting from taxi;
  • $600,000 medical malpractice settlement for negligent delay by physician resulting in delayed diagnosis of lung cancer;
  • $500,000 policy limits settlement for missed cancer on x-rays resulting in delay of cancer diagnosis;
  • Confidential settlement of medical malpractice case against major Hospital for sponge left in patient after surgery, with policy limits settlements from treating physicians and additional recoveries against major medical center and its nurses and physician agent;
  • Confidential settlement for death of  tourist from England who died from Legionnaires disease from dirty hotel hot tub that contained  legionella bacteria due to lack of proper maintenance and failure to comply with Florida Health Department laws on pool maintenance;
  • Confidential  Million + settlement for rear end car crash caused by distracted driver;
  • 1.1 Million dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement botched radiation therapy;
  • Hundreds of wins in auto accident cases involving herniated discs, surgery, death, fractures, amputations and other permanent injuries;
  • Numerous wins for wrongful denial of insurance benefits by automobile insurers, commercial insurance companies, health insurance denials and other cases where insurance companies illegally denied benefits to insured consumers;

Mr. Normand has been involved in thousands of personal injury cases in Florida.

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