I had an unfortunate fall at a theme park in Orlando. Dazed and confused, we eventually left the park and the next day returned to Oklahoma. My injuries were substantial. I had not seen a doctor or gone to an emergency room in Orlando because we had saved money for this dream trip for many years. And I just didn’t want to miss it. Back in Oklahoma, My husband contacted a lawyer we knew and by some miracle of God, he found Ed Normand…..and by extension, Toni Perez. What a pair! They made me feel important – as though my case was significant and had weight. Toni was the life-link. The kindest person with whom I have ever spoken. Ed was calm and reassuring and very focused – always a positive force. They took on the big boys, and the big boys listened. They took care of me. They made me feel safe. Is there anything better than that? I don’t think so.