Mr. Normand and his staff adhered to prioritizing my concerns as a victim of a MVA. He personally made sure I would not have the burden of dealing with any insurance agencies when receiving treatment for my injuries. His office personnel were always cordial when coming into the office. When I would send email communication, I would receive prompt answers and that assured me that I was being taken care of and my well-being was taken into consideration. I felt confident that his involvement resulted in the best possible outcome. I am pleased with my experience and would recommend Mr. Normand to anyone who needs to be sure they are not overlooked when the unexpected happens.

— Swifty

I was in a car crash in Atlanta, Georgia. We were in the front of a double rear end accident. We were visiting Atlanta from Florida so we were unsure of what to do. Lucky for me, I contacted Edmund Normand and he took my case. It was super easy for me to get a settlement and it was more than I initially expected. He was easy to contact and there were no problems, I was in good hands.

— Anonymous

We worked with Mr. Normand and his assistant Toni when our daughter was injured at a theme park. Their professionalism, kindness and responsiveness to our needs was fantastic and we were pleased with the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend them. They care about their clients and are easy to work with and are experts in their field.

— Lisa

I had a personal injury case. I went to a lawyer who has bill board ads and TV adds all over. That was a mistake. They sent me to all these medical places and wracked up a bunch of medical bills and then dropped me owing all the bills that they told me I did not have to worry about. I was so lucky to find Normand PLLC. The lawyers there jumped on my case and were getting things done right away. After the first lawyer I lost all hope of getting my injuries or medical bills taken care of. Normand law took care of all that and jumped on it making calls and whatever they do and got me a settlement in months and got all of my bills paid as well. So now I have a settlement for me and don’t owe a bunch of medical bills.

— Beth