I had a personal injury case. I went to a lawyer who has bill board ads and TV adds all over. That was a mistake. They sent me to all these medical places and wracked up a bunch of medical bills and then dropped me owing all the bills that they told me I did not have to worry about. I was so lucky to find Normand PLLC. The lawyers there jumped on my case and were getting things done right away. After the first lawyer I lost all hope of getting my injuries or medical bills taken care of. Normand law took care of all that and jumped on it making calls and whatever they do and got me a settlement in months and got all of my bills paid as well. So now I have a settlement for me and don’t owe a bunch of medical bills.

— Beth

We worked with Mr. Normand and his assistant Toni when our daughter was injured at a theme park. Their professionalism, kindness and responsiveness to our needs was fantastic and we were pleased with the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend them. They care about their clients and are easy to work with and are experts in their field.

— Lisa

I was in a car crash in Atlanta, Georgia. We were in the front of a double rear end accident. We were visiting Atlanta from Florida so we were unsure of what to do. Lucky for me, I contacted Edmund Normand and he took my case. It was super easy for me to get a settlement and it was more than I initially expected. He was easy to contact and there were no problems, I was in good hands.

— Anonymous

Mr. Normand and his staff adhered to prioritizing my concerns as a victim of a MVA. He personally made sure I would not have the burden of dealing with any insurance agencies when receiving treatment for my injuries. His office personnel were always cordial when coming into the office. When I would send email communication, I would receive prompt answers and that assured me that I was being taken care of and my well-being was taken into consideration. I felt confident that his involvement resulted in the best possible outcome. I am pleased with my experience and would recommend Mr. Normand to anyone who needs to be sure they are not overlooked when the unexpected happens.

— Swifty

If you are looking for the Best, look no further. We are pleased to have Ed and his group on our side as they work extremely hard on our case. I have been with Mr. Ed Normand’s group for the past 2 years and they are the REAL Deal! Ed truly knows the Florida legal system and all the top attorneys in the Central Florida region. He knows your rights and will defend it 100%. I cannot express enough gratitude for what Ed and his team has done for our family. His communication to us on a timely manner has been spot on. He spends the extra time to guide us through the process so that we could sleep at night without fear. I am blessed to have Ed on our side as he defends our rights through the legal system. I highly recommend that you reach out to his group if you need one of the TOP Notch Attorney in town.

— Dai

I was hurt at an Assisted Living Facility. I had fractured bones and required surgery. I contacted other law firms. It was hard to even get a lawyer to talk to. I contacted Attorney Ed Normand at He was great. He took my Calls personally. He met with me and stayed in touch. He was so aggressive and worked so hard and settled my case and I was very happy. The fees were fair and he even worked to reduce my bills to make sure I was taken care of. Attorney Normand would not stop until he got me compensated. The other lawyers were trying to deny my case and Attorney Normand would not stop until he tracked down the needed witnesses and won the case. I was ready to give up but he would not take no for an answer and got me a great settlement and then worked more after that to make sure that everything was completed so I had no lingering bills or problems. I was so impressed with his concern and care. Their firm does not advertise so they have time to work extra hard to make sure clients like me are taken care of. I strongly recommend Attorney Normand. He was a CPA and is a Mensa member so he was steps ahead of the other side all the way. His staff is very nice and have been with him a long time. I am happy they were my lawyers. My husband died and they represent me in that case now also and again I could not ask for better. They care!

— JR

Edmund was very successful in negotiating a settlement in an auto accident case where I was not at fault. When the Insurance company went for the ultimate lowball, he helped me maintain my original financial goal for compensation.

— Anonymous

I am a Canadian who was involved in an accident on the I95 on my way to vacation in Florida. After getting some unusual phone calls from the person who hit my car’s insurance, a friend of mine recommended that I hire Mr. Normand to help navigate the US insurance system. I could not be happier with the results! He not only navigated the complicated cross-border issues with ease, but also got us a nice settlement to compensate for our lost vacation. I can easily recommend him and Toni.

— Anonymous

This is a knowledgeable, caring, experienced attorney. I was referred to him by another attorney who is a family member. I had recieved injuries from a car crash, requiring surgery, and some of the problems will remain with me for the rest of my life. He was always responsive to my questions and concerns about the case, and made sure I got the right medical care without any more stress. He and Toni, his front line assistant, were always there with answers and reassurance. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Normand to anyone who needs an honest, highly experienced professional to handle their case.

— Anna

My experience with Mr. Normand was excellent. He listened well to my problem, asked intelligent, knowledgeable questions. Then he advised what he thought would be appropriate and possible results. I had to have some Doctor checks done, and documentation of Doctor visits already done. He is very well versed in all the procedures and steps to proceed thru the quagmire that is the American Legal System. He also came up with options about how to proceed at various points. It all ended with a very satisfactory result, and I would highly recommend him. I am a retired law enforcement officer, and have dealt with a number of attorneys over the years, with various impressions of them and their ability to succeed for their clients. Mr. Normand is definitely who I will call if I ever need an attorney in the future.

— Tom

Ed Normand is a very knowledgeable attorney when it comes to medical malpractice. He was very professional, responsive to our needs, and explained how each step would go in the process. He didn’t back down from hospital or corporate attorneys and was able to help us secure a large settlement. I would highly recommend Ed Normand!

— Anonymous

Mr. Normand was recommended to me after working with another lawyer who was not professional nor getting results. I am extremely grateful to the person who referred me as well as to Mr. Normand and his team. Mr. Normand deserves many accolades for his professionalism, communication skills, dedication, and most importantly the results he achieved. Mr. Normand was able to overcome several obstacles in my case, including a signed release. Even though the case has been settled, Mr. Normand’s follow up has been extremely valuable to me. I had peace of mind throughout the whole process having complete confidence in Mr. Normand.

— Tracy

Ed handled a personal injury case for me involving a major theme park. From our very first contact he was extremely pleasant to speak with and took a genuine interest in my case. He consistently kept an open door policy over the 3 year period it took to settle the matter. He and Toni Perez were a great team to work with. They stayed in constant contact with me and kept me updated. They were very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I might have had, and were always thorough in making sure I understood what was going on and where my case stood. I am extremely glad I made contact with Ed and very satisfied with his assistance.

— Anonymous

I had an unfortunate fall at a theme park in Orlando. Dazed and confused, we eventually left the park and the next day returned to Oklahoma. My injuries were substantial. I had not seen a doctor or gone to an emergency room in Orlando because we had saved money for this dream trip for many years. And I just didn’t want to miss it. Back in Oklahoma, My husband contacted a lawyer we knew and by some miracle of God, he found Ed Normand…..and by extension, Toni Perez. What a pair! They made me feel important – as though my case was significant and had weight. Toni was the life-link. The kindest person with whom I have ever spoken. Ed was calm and reassuring and very focused – always a positive force. They took on the big boys, and the big boys listened. They took care of me. They made me feel safe. Is there anything better than that? I don’t think so.

— Diana