Confidential Rental Car Litigation

One thing Normand PLLC strives to achieve is ingenuity and creative thinking to resolve complex and interesting barriers to recovery.

An example is a case where a rented vehicle was in a single-car accident and the occupants had purchased liability insurance. The problem, of course, is that liability insurance protects drivers if they cause injury to someone else – it does not cover the injuries of the insureds. And most insurance policies – including the one the driver had secured in this case – exclude passengers of the insured vehicles.

The attorneys who originally brought the case four years prior secured the assistance of Normand PLLC, who investigated and discovered that the insurance policy had not actually been purchased, and theorized that as such the car rental company was responsible to provide the coverage and could not rely on the exclusion. As such, the passengers should have been able to receive the policy benefits.

While the case included numerous complicated questions of statute of limitations, alleged fraud, estoppel, and so forth, Normand PLLC was able to secure a settlement exceeding $2 million dollars for their clients.