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Normand PLLC attorneys represent consumers around the world in important and often unprecedented complex class actions. The Firm has been lead counsel in many of the largest insurance class action cases in the United States.  The firm has successfully pursued Class Action cases involving consumer fraud, privacy, individuals victimized by abusive telemarketing practices, and deceptive consumer sales practices.

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Privacy Class Action

You have a right to privacy in your home, in your personal life and with your private information. Our firm has experience in pursuing privacy claim class actions. These cases range from suing over intrusive robocalls, to data breach lawsuits, to lawsuits to prevent website spying activities by companies that you thought you could trust with your private information. 

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Consumer Protection Class Action

False advertising, bait and switch practices, unconscionable or illegal pricing schemes, and charging for services or products that are never provided are just some examples of unfair and deceptive trade practices that businesses use to defraud consumers. These bad actors profit at the expense of the consumers they cheat and it gives them unfair advantage over ethical companies that follow the rules.

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Insurance Class Action

When you pay your insurance premium and the time comes to make a claim you have a right to any and all benefits provided by the insurance policy.  Unfortunately some insurance companies  go to great lengths to delay and deny payment for legitimate claims.

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Practice Areas:


Confidential Rental Car Litigation


Car Rental, Insurance Disputes

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Roth & Sullivan v. Geico


Car Rental, Consumer Protection, Consumer Rights

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Mcgowan Case & Appeal


Insurance Disputes

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Confidential Crane Trucking Company Recovery


Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights

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Invasion of Privacy Text Message Spam


Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights

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We are not insular: we are compassion. We know that when one is cheated we all suffer. We cannot condone unfairness; we must challenge authority when exercised for wrong. Everyone at Normand PLLC respects the rights and values of each and every man. We view our team as the Robin Hood of law firms. We seek justice. We take on the abusive and powerful. We revolt not against societal standards but as an embodiment of them, being generous, pious, and courteous, opposed to stingy, worldly, and churlish foes. We take from those of the rich that steal from the poor. We do so proudly. We do so for you.

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Taiya Powe

“This is the best experience that I have had during my case. They have been extremely professional and made this situation easier on me. And I honestly couldn’t have made it through this process with Emily she has been an amazing help and so responsive, professional and honest. I’m truly appreciative!”

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Sean Domnick

“Ed Normand is a lawyer who stands up for his clients. He works hard to get results and cares deeply about doing the right thing for those he represents. If you want a lawyer you can count on, Call Ed.”

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Lisa Henry

“From the moment I contacted the office, they were concerned and very attentive. I felt comfortable with the information they gave me and the communication was great. They answered any and all questions that I had and they worked diligently to bring the case to a close. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

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Car Insurance Total Loss Claims

News & Articles By Edmund Normand

Did you wreck your car and did your insurance company pay you for the total loss? We believe that consumers have been cheated out of thousands of dollars by car insurance companies.

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Illegal Automated Robocalls and Robotexts

News & Articles By Edmund Normand

Have you received those annoying automated calls or texts? Or even a phone call from a number that’s EXACTLY like yours or very similar? Robocalls are a common nuisance that many Americans face nearly every day.

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