Carrie Andrews v. State Auto Mutual Insurance Company

CARRIE ANDREWS, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated,  v. STATE AUTO MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY

Case No.: 2:21-cv-05867-ALM-CMV


Class Settlement Value:  $6.5 Million

Year Won: October 25th, 2023

“On October 25, 2023, the Court in Andrews, et al. v. State Auto Mutual Insurance Company (S.D. Oh.) approved a class action settlement. The case revolved around allegations of breach of contract by the insurer, State Auto Mutual Insurance Company, for failing to pay the applicable Vehicle Sales Tax to insured individuals in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri who had submitted physical damage claims for their vehicles following a total loss.

The fact that State Auto agreed to provide up to $6.5 million in benefits as part of the settlement is a significant achievement. Normand PLLC played a key role in securing this compensation for the class members, particularly in relation to the unpaid Vehicle Sales Tax that the plaintiffs alleged they were owed under their insurance policies. This compensation aimed to rectify the damages suffered by class members due to State Auto’s alleged breach of contract.

Our firm assisted in working to ensure that the settlement terms were fair and equitable for the class members. By negotiating a settlement that aimed to pay nearly 100% of the damages owed to class members who had not received the full amount or any payment for sales tax following a total vehicle loss, they sought to maximize the benefits for the affected individuals.

Normand PLLC worked diligently in representing the class members and securing a favorable settlement that aimed to compensate insured individuals who had been affected by State Auto’s alleged breach of contract, ultimately ensuring that nearly 100% of the damages owed were addressed through the settlement agreement.”

On top of securing virtually 100% of the damages sought in the insurance class action lawsuit, Normand Law required the insurance company to pay all of the attorneys fees for each and every class member.  As a result, each class member was paid in full and had to pay nothing in attorney fees out of their recovery.  Taken together, such a result is virtually unheard of in class action settlements.