We have gained a national reputation as a leader in pursuing and winning first party insurance class action cases on behalf of consumers.  Many times we investigate the case, identify the wrong and file suit for the very first time based on our investigation.  

We and obtain full and complete justice for the entire class:

“Unlike in many class actions that result from public disclosures or investigations by governmental regulators, this case stems entirely from the efforts of Class Counsel. There was no pathway blazed by others to follow. Class Counsel did not simply travel in the wake of work done by others. There would have been no case at all – and no recovery by members of the Class – without the origination and continued efforts of Class Counsel. In my opinion, this highlights the impressive nature of the results obtained.”

(Professor Arthur Miller. August 2020)


The car rental industry is notorious for shady practices with unfair and deceptive charges to consumers.  

Have you hired a car rental in the United States in the past 3-5 years? If so, you may have been subjected to insurance fraud or you may not have been provided insurance that was promised in the money you paid for the rental but then the rental company never bought the coverage or paid far less than what they charged you for the insurance.

We represent United States and United Kingdom citizens and we have sued car rental companies in a lawsuit that alleges that legal supplemental liability insurance was not provided to overseas renters in breach of the car hire agreement. Hundreds of thousands of renters may have been victims of this scheme.

If you rented a car for use in the United States, you may not have provided the insurance that was promised.

For example, were you promised supplemental or additional liability insurance with your car hire? Were you promised uninsured motorist insurance (that protects you from crazy drivers) with your car hire? In reality, you may not have received any insurance or you may have been a victim of insurance fraud under the laws of some States.

Were you charged hidden or illegal fees? You may have a right to your money back even if, thankfully, you were not in an accident because your rates included charges for legal insurance that you maybe never got. We are currently investigating claims. Call us if you would like a free case review.

Whether you rented directly from the company on their website or from an independent car rental broker we may be able to help. It does not matter what U.S. State you rented the car in – you may have a claim. We are researching alleged violations in all 50 states.

Representative Cases

State Farm Auto Property Damage Class Action: multi million dollar judgment in auto insurance class action securing judgment for 100% plus interest for each and every class member. 

Professor Arthur Miller testified as an Expert witness and had this to say about the performance of the firm and its attorneys in the case: 

 “In my opinion, the skill and certainly the tenacity, the longevity, the stick-to-it-iveness of a class counselor, very, very high.”  

“The risk was high at the point of retention. The procedural marathon that you had to run·exacerbated and perpetuated that risk, but the benefit you achieved for the class members was the best you could possibly have achieved.”

“This case is one of a rare breed – the results are essentially the best result possible, because there was no compromise.”

“[T]he results obtained in this litigation were excellent. Class Counsel successfully secured a final judgment in favor of a certified class. This is an extremely rare result. In my experience, ever since assisting in drafting and creating today’s Rule 23 in the early 1960’s, class actions that result in a non-settlement final judgment in favor of a certified class really are exceptional.”

— (Arthur Miller Professor of Law, the Harvard Law School (1972-2007). and the New York University School of Law (2007-present) about the performance of Normand PLLC in class action litigation.  2020).  

GEICO Class Action Litigation for underpayments in vehicle Total Loss claims 

Normand PLLC was Lead Counsel securing a $79 million settlement from Geico over allegations that it shorted payments on wrecked  leased vehicles in Florida after more than four years of litigation.   The firm not only won the case but originated the claim in a case of first impression in the United States recovering sales tax for leased vehicle insurance claims.  Roth v. Geico General Insurance Co. et al., case number 0:16-cv-62942, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Normand PLLC acted as Lead Counsel recovering 100% of the damages sought for a Class of 287,709 claims for title and tag fees owed as part of the insurance payment for owned total loss vehicle claims.  The monetary value of all claims under the terms of the Settlement

Agreement for Transfer Fees and prejudgment interest was approximately $61.90 million,This too was another case of first impression in the United States originated and first filed by Normand PLLC.  Prior to this case no similar lawsuit had ever been filed, yet alone won, with complete relief for the entire class. Jones  v. Geico General Insurance Co. et al., case number 6:17-cv-00891,, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Infinity Insurance Company Class Action recovering government and dealer fee charges. 

As Lead Counsel Normand PLLC secured a settlement against Infinity Insurance company awarding policyholders not only full sales tax and tag and title fees but also for dealer fees incurred in the replacement of a total loss vehicle.  This was the first known settlement in the United States to require reimbursement of not only mandatory government fees but also optional fees charged by dealers in the purchase of a replacement vehicle. Junior  v. Infinity  Insurance Company. case number 6:18-cv-01598, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

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