Invasion of Privacy Text Message Spam

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Appointed by the Court as Lead Counsel and Secured a $19 million settlement under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, resulting in an award to thousands of class members for spam text messages sent to promote the movie Warcraft. The suit alleged that the  text messages were sent without consent and in many cases in violation of the Do Not Call List restrictions and from the use of alleged illegal automatic telephone dialing equipment.   Parker et al. v. Universal Pictures., et al., Case No: 6:16-cv-1193 (Middle District of Florida). 

Only firm to have secured (in multiple cases) the settlement of data breach claims where class members received monetary relief without having to show any direct loss flowing from the breach. See, e.g., Resnick v. Avmed, No. 10-cv-24513 (S.D. Fla.) (prior to settlement, obtaining landmark appellate decision endorsing common law unjust enrichment theory, irrespective of whether identity theft occurred, and securing first class action settlement in the country to provide data breach victims with monetary payments irrespective of identity theft).