Roth & Sullivan v. Geico

An example of Normand PLLC’s success in litigating class actions is Roth v. GEICO, a case filed and resolved in the Southern District of Florida, which addressed whether sales tax and title fees are included in the actual cash value of leased vehicles.

Normand PLLC successfully argued on behalf of the plaintiff that sales tax and title fees are necessary to replace a vehicle and are therefore owed under GEICO’s insurance policy, irrespective of whether the vehicle is owned, financed, or leased.

Virtually all class actions are either unsuccessful or are settled prior to any determination at trial or summary judgment as to who is right and wrong. But in this case, Normand PLLC successfully secured final judgment in favor of a certified class for 100% of the alleged damages.

After GEICO appealed and on the eve of oral argument, the case settled – but not for 25% of damages, or 50%, or 90%, or even 100%. The case settled for 100% of damages, plus an extra $4.60 per class member for good measure, for a settlement value of approximately $79 million dollars.