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At Normand PLLC, our legal team is constantly monitoring the legal arena for various ways our clients might be impacted by a class action lawsuit or may have been mistreated such that a class action lawsuit is necessary. Over the years, we have successfully pursued numerous class action claims for our clients in Florida, the United States and the United Kingdom. Class action lawsuits are civil lawsuit in which numerous individuals have been harmed, but their claims are consolidated into one suit – led by a class representative – to secure a legal remedy. These cases can be brought in either state or federal court. Generally, to begin a class action claim or be included in a class, at least the following must occur:

  1. At least one person must step up on behalf of the class and ask the court to appoint them as Class Representative;
  2. Your injuries must be similar to everyone else in the class action lawsuit; and
  3. A class action must be better, more efficient and most cost-effective than individual lawsuits.

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Our Orlando attorneys review many types of cases

Our Orlando attorneys and support staff review many types of cases involving a wide variety of claims the following:

  • Defective products;
  • hazardous pharmaceuticals;
  • predatory and fraudulent business by insurance companies;
  • Spam text messages;
  • Many have already been granted class-action status. In other cases, our attorneys work to determine if a dangerous or defective product case should be made eligible for class action.
  • Deceptive and Unfair actions by individuals or consumers that have ripped you off and may have hurt others as well in a similar manner.
  • Rental car company rip offs.
  • Website fraud
  • Data loss cases where your data has been hacked or stolen from a company, website or even health care provider with whom you have given your private information in confidence.

Our firm has represented victims of Class Action claims throughout Florida, the United States and all over the world. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your belief that you have been ripped off or damaged in a way that applies to you and possibly others.


Have you hired a car rental in the United States in the past 3-5 years? If so, you may have been subjected to insurance fraud or you may not have been provided insurance that was promised in the car hire rates you purchased.

We want to help. Call us at: 407-603-6031

We represent United States and United Kingdom citizens and we have sued car rental companies in a lawsuit that alleges that legal supplemental liability insurance was not provided to overseas renters in breach of the car hire agreement. Hundreds of thousands of renters may have been victims of this scheme.

If you rented a car for use in the United States, you may not have provided the insurance that was promised.

For example, were you promised supplemental or additional liability insurance with your car hire? Were you promised uninsured motorist insurance (that protects you from crazy drivers) with your car hire? In reality, you may not have received any insurance or you may have been a victim of insurance fraud under the laws of some States.

Were you charged hidden or illegal fees? You may have a right to your money back even if, thankfully, you were not in an accident because your rates included charges for legal insurance that you maybe never got. We are currently investigating claims. Call us if you would like a free case review.

Whether you rented directly from the company on their website or from an independent car rental broker we may be able to help. It does not matter what U.S. State you rented the car in – you may have a claim. We are researching alleged violations in all 50 states.


Stop Cell Phone Abuse in Florida and Earn $500 to $1,500/Text

Nothing is worse than answering a phone call only to find it is an unwanted robocall with a telemarketing message.  Except that is, maybe getting an ad in your private text messages reserved for friends and family. Everyone should work together to keep our cell phones and text inbox free from the spam that has destroyed our email and home phones.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a federal law passed by Congress back in 1991, you must give express consent to receive certain types of calls; additionally, you have the right to prohibit these companies from continuing to call you. If you receive an unwanted call for which you did not provide express consent, you may be entitled under the TCPA to between $500 and $1,500.

Orlando Law Firm Will Help Protect You From Robocall Spam

Normand PLLC represents consumers who get unwanted calls from telemarketers, debt collection agencies, banks and other spammers who call or text cell phones.

The TCPA protects all of us from unwanted calls or text messages to our cell phones.  A caller must have express written consent to call your cell phone or send you a text if they use an automated dialing system (“robocall”).

A robocall might be an automated phone call made using an autodialer (see below), but it also might be a call containing a pre-recorded message. In other words, even if the unwanted phone call appears to be from an actual person, the call might still be an unlawful robocall if it utilized an autodialer.  In fact, many of our clients report that they answered the phone call, heard a click, and then seconds later heard from an actual, live person.  This is often a telltale sign that an autodialer has dialed your number; i.e., it didn’t process the call over to a live agent until it was confirmed that you had answered your phone.

An autodialer is any computer software or equipment possessing the capability or ability to dial phone numbers without human intervention. Thus, even if an actual, live person, rather than a prerecorded message, is on the other end of the unwanted call, it is still perfectly possible that the call originated from an autodialer. Of course, if the other end of the phone call is a pre-recorded message, the call probably (indeed, almost certainly) originated from an autodialer.

You have the simple right to tell callers, including debt collectors, to stop calling.

You may be able to receive $500 or even $1,500 for each negligent or intentional call or text that violates the law.

Examples of illegal calls for which you may have a claim: 

  • You are wrongly called by a computer dialing system looking for someone else;
  • You are contacted after requesting that a company stop calling;
  • You get a machine-dialed telephone call or text offering to sell you something;
  • You get a text message from a business that you did not give express written consent to contact you.

The following are typical Text Spammers and Robocallers:

  • Debt collectors;
  • Creditors and student loan processors;
  • Banks, credit card and check-cashing companies;
  • Mortgage companies;
  • Retail and online stores;
  • Auto dealers;
  • Timeshare sellers and resellers;
  • Cell phone App companies;
  • Marketing sweepstakes offering “prizes” such as a free cruise, etc.;
  • Any business that takes your number and then calls it with unauthorized test or recorded messages advertisements;
  • Companies that sell your phone number to spammers and robocallers.

If you get a Robocall, find out who is calling and ask them to send you information documenting the offer. Our firm does research on how companies procured your number, and we work to get them to stop harassing our clients. We litigate and prosecute these cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay us any money unless we win or settle your case.


More and more companies are announcing that they have failed to protect the private data that you provided to them. Due to the loss of your data you may be subject to it being available forever to thieves all over the world. To compensate for this harm you may consider filing a data breach lawsuit. When a company was negligent and it causes your private data to be disclosed a you may seek compensation for that loss of privacy. We may file a lawsuit for you and in some cases for others as a Class Action Data Breach case.

For a free consultation contact Normand PLLC today. Our lawyers will discuss you data breach case in a private, no-obligation, consultation. We’ll answer your questions, explain your rights and possible compensation. Unlike other law firms that advertise for these cases and then farm them out to someone else, we will represent you as your data breach lawsuit attorney.

Important: Data Breach Cases have strict time limits. The time limits may vary from state to state and case to case. So, please don’t wait and risk losing your rights, instead, Contact us NOW for help.

Data Breach and Loss of Private Data Cases

Many times your private data is lost in a digital break-in. We have had cases, where the data is stolen or lost by company employees or agents. Whether by a data hack or internal data theft scheme the perpetrators access a secure database to steal from it private, personal financial, health or Personal information such as social security number and passwords. The breach can occur over the Internet or onsite through a security gap in a  secured network connection. Data breaches are usually aimed for identity theft. Identity theft comes in many forms including opening credit cards, generating ID’s in your name and even obtaining loans to buy cars or homes in your name. Data breaches always cost you significant time to fix your credit and this damage can last for years  Experts predict that the cost for Data  breaches will exceed over $2 trillion by 2019.

Did you know that you may be even sued for loans you know nothing about that result from the loss of your private data in a Data Breach case? Harm to Consumers from a Data Breach?

The biggest and most obvious danger to you when your personal data is stolen is that your  personal, financial or health information, is disclosed and sold to thieves all over the world. Just correcting the credit and other problems from data breaches can cause headache and professional help to fix. Costs include monitoring fees for your credit with numerous credit rating agencies to fix your credit score. Often you have to hire experts to help pay to receive a credit check to combat fraudulent charges. You may also lose credit making you ineligible for loans, and you may have your own credit cards cancelled for debts and loans you know nothing about.

Can I recover money damages when my data is stolen or lost by a company?

Yes. If  your data is compromised in many cases you are entitled to compensation for personal private data that has been lost to crooks. And the company who lost your data when they promised you that they would protect it is often liableyou’re your financial losses and for the expenses needed to protect you from credit crooks in the future. Remember you cannot get your data back, all you can do is protect yourself and be diligent. The company that lost the data was not diligent to protect your data so they must reimburse you for expenses in the future resulting from their careless treatment of your data.

Most companies are required by law to notify you if your private data has been lost or stolen. IF you get such a notice contact us for information about your rights.