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At Normand PLLC, we are experienced Orlando attorneys that handle denied insurance claims. If you have you been denied medical or other insurance matters, you may require the counsel of a Central Florida insurance dispute attorney to represent your interests against your insurance company for their improper denial.All insurance policies are binding contracts between you and your insurance company, which require that company act with good faith.However, if your insurance company improperly withholds policy benefits from you, it is considered acting in “bad faith.”

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If you have ever experienced bad faith insurance practices then you clearly understand how your insurance company made you feel abandoned when you needed them the most. Our team of attorneys at  Normand PLLC are ready to put our years of experience and fight for the benefits you may deserve. During our many successful battles with big insurance companies, we learned that oftentimes there are legal codes that make your insurance company directly responsible for paying your fees, in the event you prevail in your claim against them.

To win a bad faith claim, our attorneys must prove the insurance company failed to honor its contract and possessed no reason not to pay. If you have experienced these events with your insurance company, allow our team of Florida insurance dispute attorneys to assist by utilizing our skills to secure your insurance policy interests. We are attorneys throughout Central Florida and the entire State of Florida. If your insurance company wants to dispute your coverage, contact us now so we can schedule your free consultation.

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