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Every company that manufacturers, produces and/or sells a product has a corresponding duty or responsibility to ensure the product they manufacture, produce or sell is safe for consumers, including you. Thus, the design, manufacturing, distribution and use of the product must to be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is not a danger to any consumer who purchases the product. A product may be defective because it performs in a way that it shouldn’t (defective manufacture), or because it performs in the way that it should, but its very design is flawed (defective design). If 99% of the jack-in-the-boxes operate correctly, but 1% of them pops out too far and hits you in the face, that means the individual jack-in-the-box may be have been defectively manufactured. A jack-in-the-box that is actually a really-sharp-knife-in-a-box, on the other hand, is probably defectively designed. Either way, any individual who is injured due to a defective product may be entitled to recover compensation from the company that produced the defective product.

Fighting for You Following an Injury in Florida Caused by a Defective Product

At Normand PLLC, our attorneys advocate on behalf of victims who are hurt by defective products. We do our best to hold the producers of defective products accountable for the injuries they cause.

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We work with professionals in various industries from which the defective products are produced to analyze the product’s design and how it was manufactured. We investigate any issues with the product, including if there have been any issues in the past. We also evaluate whether the product had any warning signs and, if so, if the warning signs were adequate.

Although products liability can come in many different forms, there are some common types of potentially dangerous products, including:

  • Children’s toys with small pieces, sharp edges, poor designs, and hidden dangers;
  • Defective home appliances (usually involving fire);
  • Defective tires and air bags;
  • Home improvement tools (especially ladders);
  • Certain types of equipment that can potentially combust or misfire;
  • External heating and A/C units for trucks, tractor trailers and homes.

At Normand PLLC we pride ourselves on being ready to litigate and aggressively conducting the strategy best suited for your individual case.  Our goal is to hold whoever is responsible for your or your family member’s injury accountable for their negligence and/or malfeasance.

If you have more questions about products liability law, or think your injury may have been caused by a defective product, feel free to call us today.  We would love to help in any way that we can.