Geico Insurance Class Actions

Examples of Normand PLLC’s success in litigating class actions are Roth v. GEICO, Joffe v. Geico, and Bellamy v. Geico. These cases were filed and resolved in Federal Court in Florida, and addressed whether sales tax, registration fees, and title fees are owed after a motor vehicle is a total loss. Normand PLLC successfully argued… Read More

Confidential Crane Trucking Company Recovery

NORMAND PLLC Severe Personal Injury Lawyers.  The firm also handles severe and complex individual cases.  For example we were brought in on a case when there was a zero $ offer for a severely brain damaged father of two hurt in a crane truck crash.  The original firm was a TV advertising firm that tried… Read More

Invasion of Privacy Text Message Spam

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Appointed by the Court as Lead Counsel and Secured a $19 million settlement under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, resulting in an award to thousands of class members for spam text messages sent to promote the movie Warcraft. The suit alleged that the  text messages were sent without consent and in… Read More